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Project Description

Table Management

  • Automate the task of walking back and forth to monitor the status of the tables, thereby, increasing the average table turn-around time. Increased table turn time not only ensures an increase in profit but also leaves a smile on the face of your customers as they get seated and attended to fast.

Menu Management

  • Investing in a digital restaurant menu makes the user experience rewarding and gives you the freedom to not only modify the menu items but also provides many other features including suggesting combinations, getting feedback from your customers etc.

Order Status

  • Order status lets all your departments know about the present status of the order, whether it is under preparation, ready, or out to be served.

Table Billing

  • Quick and simplified billing process lets you process more number of orders in a short time

Table Reservation

  • Let your customers dine at a seat of their choice by pre-booking their table. Save your customers the trouble of waiting for a table during the rush hours through POS Table Reservation Module

Takeaway & Delivery

  • Easily process Takeaway and Delivery orders directly from the POS. Consolidate orders and manage payments all at one place without any hassles.

Customer Management

  • Centrally manage your entire customer database from one place. Segment customer data based on their ordering history and profile :

  • SMS Integration- Keep your customers updated about your restaurant by sending them regular SMS. Send targeted SMS to customers based on their ordering history for maximum engagement.

  • Never Miss an Order- Don’t miss a single order with the help of integrated Cloud Telephony. Record all call logs and conversations to keep a track of the Telephonic Orders.

  • Reminders- Show your customers you care by remembering their special occasions! Set reminders for birthdays and anniversaries and delight your customers by generating custom offers for their special day.

  • Loyalty Program- Create smart Loyalty-Programs based on customer behavior and order history to make your Loyal customers feel special.

Stock and Inventory Management

  • Stock In and Stock Out- Keep a tight control on your inventory by tracking the Stock-in and Stock-out everyday. Tally the Physical Available Stock with the Ideal Stock automatically and eliminate any discrepancy in Stock.

  • Central Kitchen – View and manage the requirements of various outlets with the Central Kitchen Management Module. Control the overall circulation of food from the Base Kitchen to various outlets with ease.

  • Raw Material –Never run out of any item in your restaurant inventory by keeping a clear track of the stock consumed. Set re-order levels that remind you to order more supplies when they reach a certain level.

  • Recipe Management-Feed in your recipes into the POS to keep a track of the stock consumed based on the items ordered. Any update in the recipes is reflected instantly across outlets, thus ensuring consistency.

  • Reporting and Analytics-Keep a tight control on your inventory by monitoring the daily consumption and detailed stock reports. In-depth reports allow you to forecast usage and optimize your operations.

Conceptual Design Samples

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